a grand patio with decent furnitures and cozy lighting with string lights, lanterns, and candles.

4 lighting tips to make your home cozier

To achieve a grand, cozy, and homely atmosphere, one should be prudent in choosing proper lighting to create an optimum cozy effect - relaxing, warm, calm, and appealing.

But considering the several choices of colors and types of lighting options available, how do you decide on how to give your home the coziest feel?

Go for a warmer light

The color temperature is a crucial factor in setting up a cozy mood in a home. Visualize sunrise and sunset; at its "warmest", the sun is of an amber or red hue color.

Having light bulbs with warmer light can change the general outlook of your place. Avoid using "cool" colors such as white or bluish lights when trying to create an intimate atmosphere.

Color temperatures are usually expressed in kelvins, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature. Lights with color temperatures under 4000K are usually used for a warmer setting.

You can refer to the following image for a spectrum of the color temperatures commonly used in everyday life.

color temperature spectrum from cool colors to warm colors

Make it soft

Avoid hard and sharp lighting. Instead, make use of the light sources that are soft and indirect.

A great example is the light from floor lamps that are directed upward or toward the wall or corner. This creates a diffused beam of light that is reflected by the wall and ceiling. The effect it creates is significant.

Lamp shades are another great example of soft lighting. Semi-opaque fabric lampshades are ideal to soften the lights and that is why table lamps often come with lamp shades and desk lamps don’t.

Dawn Ambiance LED Floor Lamp

 Dawn Ambiance LED Floor Lamp

Use a mixture of lights at different levels of height

Using just a single bright overhead light feels too mundane.

Rather than relying on single overhead light, try revitalizing your living space by incorporating various sources of warm lights - floor lamps pointing upward and toward the wall, table lamps on cabinets and closets, and string lights hung on the wall or strung around furnishings here and there. 

a lamp placed on a side table


a grand patio with decent furnitures and cozy lighting with string lights, lanterns, and candles

Surround objects and ornaments with string lights

This is a very effective way of creating a cozy feel in your home. Embellish your furnishings, green plants, vases, or wardrobes with decorative string lights.

All these will create a rustic presence and set a luxurious and cozy undertone to your home.

string lights surrounding a wooden banister


A chair with string lights in a living space with elegant interior design

Looking for lights to add ambiance in your home?

To create a soft ambient lighting, you may consider adding the Dawn Ambiance at room corners:

Dawn Ambiance LED Floor Lamp beside a book shelf Dawn Ambiance LED Floor Lamp beside a chair

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For mixture of lights, try Pearl Tree or Starlit Curtain to add light sources at different levels of height:

Pearl Tree table lamp shining on a rustic table Starlit Curtain hung on a window

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To create a rustic and cozy undertone, string Starlit Gold around ornaments could be a good idea:

Starlit Gold | 33' 100-count LED String Lights Starlit Gold | 33' 100-count LED String Lights
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