Fairy Lights Shone 130-Year Long

The first electric light Christmas tree

The first electric light Christmas tree, 1882
Photo Credit: Christmas Designers

The First Illuminated Christmas Tree

In the UK, the use of decorative lights in illuminated Christmas trees gained grounds during the reign of Queen Victoria, and they are generally known in the UK as fairy lights. Savoy Theater in London was the first recorded building ever to be lit entirely by electricity.

Being a close associate of the great inventor Thomas Edison, Edward H. Johnson initiated the creation of electrically illuminated Christmas trees. He had Christmas fairy light bulbs made especially for him during his tenure as the vice president of the Edison Electric Light Company, and publicly displayed the Christmas tree at his home in 1882. It was later published in a newspaper, and today Johnson is regarded as the founding father of electric Christmas tree lights.

A couple of decades then, businesses began putting up decorative lights close to their windows to give the office spaces a beautiful, warm, and welcoming outlook to workers and customers.

The Attractive Glow Finds Its Way

An Ad of Christmas Tree Lights in Early 20 Century

'No danger from the lights!' - An Ad of Christmas Tree Lights in Early 20 Century
Photo Credit: Christmas Designers

As of 1919, John Malpiede, a city electrician, started decorating the new Civic Centre in Denver using decorative lights. Soon after, string lights were used to adorn doorways and mantles in homes, running along rooflines and rafters, porch railings and business places.

Homes, office spaces, and street walkways are now decorated using fairy lights. Since the use of decorative lights first gained popularity, it's usage has been ever-increasing because of its attractiveness and the cosy ambience it produces to a place.

The magical effect when you step into a room of fascinating warm lights illuminating knows no bounds. This spells out the aesthetic and attractive power of fairy lights. One can't behold such glory and not appreciate its charm.

Keep the Lights On. Get Yours.

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